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Since the foundation of Simlab Soft, our mission has been clearly defined as developing state-of-the-art 3D software that is affordable, fun, and easy to use. This led to the development of SimLab Composer (SLC) with the vision of enabling Interactive VR.

SimLab Composer is not a modeling application, but it is a 3D scene composition application, which allows the user to import 3D files in different formats, arrange them, adjust their materials, and add options, animations, simulation, and interactivity behaviors. After that the user can use the composed scenes in many different ways, it can be used to create photo-realistic rendered images, or shared as a 3D PDF, WebGL, or a VR experience.

Upon downloading and installing SimLab Composer, SimLab CADVRter and SimLab WebGL Starter will also be installed side-by-side. These tools are described later in the Accompanying Applications section of this manual.

SimLab Composer Help Content

SimLab Academy

SimLab Academy includes the tutorials and the models you need to run those tutorials. SimLab Academy provides a full-featured, free path for learning SimLab Composer, the following video shows SimLab Academy in action.