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VR Viewing


Using the Free SimLab VR Viewer users can view and showcase VR Experiences on all devices.
SimLab VR Viewer is Free and supports all VR experiences created using Composer, or other SimLab Soft products like SimLab VR Plugins.

Free VR Viewer is supported on

  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac.
  • PC-connected VR headsets
    • Vive
    • Vive Pro
    • Quest (with the link)
    • Rift S
    • Mixed realist sets 
  • Standalone VR headsets
    • Quest
    • Pico
    • Android
    • iOS

The latest version of VR Viewer can be downloaded from the following link

SimLab Cloud Sharing

SimLab Cloud Sharing is a cloud service that is already included with a SimLab Composer License. It allows the user to do the following: 

1- Upload VR Experiences
2- Share VR experiences with others
3- Synchronize VR experiences with different machines

The user can use the same key received for Composer to activate SimLab Cloud Account
Check the following link to learn more about what benefits you get with your SimLab Cloud Account.

Upload VR Experiences

By default, the user will be able to upload up to 10 VR experiences, with space of up to 20GB. The user can remove models and upload new ones while keeping the uploaded number of models up to 10. 

In case a user wants to add more space to the SimLab Cloud Account, a new cloud key can be ordered from the following link

Share VR experiences with others 

Uploaded VR experiences can be shared with other users. You can share with any number of users, who do not need to have a SimLab Cloud Account License to view VR experiences. Uploaded experiences can be shared with specific users from VR Viewer, or can be shared as a weblink ready to be sent by email to any person with or without VR Viewer. 

Note: only VR experiences with Evaluation require additional training user SimLab Cloud Account which can be  ordered from the following link

Synchronize VR experiences with different machines

When users log in using the same SimLab Cloud Account on any other machine, any user will have access to all VR experiences uploaded to the SimLab Cloud Account. This makes it very easy to synchronize models between multiple viewers and makes it very easy to move VR experiences from PC or Mac to stand-alone devices like Quest, Pico, Android, or iOS

The following tutorial describes the basics of Sharing using SimLab VR Viewer