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Scene States Menu



Enables the user to capture different configurations for the selected 3D model(s) (Selection option), or for the whole scene (Scene option). 

SimLab Composer’s Scene States are smart in capturing attributes; they can include any combination of the listed attributes. This can be helpful in creating scene states for models with different attributes, and setups. 

Scene State may include a combination of: 

  • Material
  • Position/Transform
  • Lighting
  • Show/Hide
  • Camera
  • Environment


After selecting what to include in the Scene State, the user needs to click Scene or Selection to capture the scene state of either one. Captured scene states are added to the Scene States Library.

Scene states can be applied as Object Actions in the Properties dialog. Apply Scene State can also be used as a response in Training Builder 

Generate From Cameras

Captures scene states from the created cameras in the scene, as shown in the image below.

Generate From Cameras.png


Opens Manage Scene States Groups dialog box, where the user can add a new group, remove, rename, or reorder groups.

When creating a new Scene state it will be automatically added to the active group tab in the Scene State Library


The following tutorial shows how to use Scene States