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Simulation Toolbar


SimLab Composer can be used to model the behavior of objects in 3-D space. Using its powerful physics engine allows simulation of the way bodies of many types are affected by a variety of physical stimuli, provided to simulate physical systems such as Rigid Body Dynamics in real-time and considering collision detection. The Simulation Workbench is dedicated to executing physical and mechanical simulations within the SimLab Composer application.  

The image below shows the workspace of the Simulation Workbench, where the Solid Editing panel is active by default. The workspace presents the Simulation toolbar, the Geometries Tree, Solids Tree grouped with the Links Tree. 

The Geometries Tree only appears in Solid Editing mode (When the Solid Editing dialog is open).



  1. Solids menu: Geometries are defined and classified, where each solid contains either one geometry or a group of geometries.
  2. Links menu: Properties of solids and relationships between each other are set.
  3. Simulation menu: Where simulation is controlled and executed.
  4. Interactive menu: to allow the user to control machines using a Keyboard, or a Joystick.

Check this mechanical simulation video