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Plan and Subscription

VR Collaboration

  Starting a VR Collaboration Session in SimLab VR Studio requires you to have an Active Collaboration license, as for participant (Invitees), they do not require an active Collaboration license to join a VR Collaboration session.   Acquiring a VR Collabora...

Invitation through link

VR Collaboration

An alternative method for inviting users to a VR Collaboration Session.   Tutorial video of inviting and joining a collaboration session through a link         Adding the VR Experience to SimLab VR Viewer   Similar to the previous method of inviting u...

Changing 3D Avatar

VR Avatars

What are 3D Avatars? 3D Avatars are the Visual representation of participants in VR Collaboration Sessions, they are used to drastically increase the level of immersion in a VR Experience. Changing the 3D Avatars ...

Changing Hands

VR Avatars

VR Controllers in SimLab VR Viewer can be changed to different objects/tools or hands/gloves with a set of animation for grabbing and interacting with objects. To change the default controllers in VR mode of SimLab VR Viewer, Log in to your Si...

Alternative Free Avatar Source (Ready Player Me)

VR Avatars

In addition to the Avatars available in SimLab VR Viewer or the ones you can generate in SimLab Composer or SimLab VR Studio, you can add your own avatars and hands and use them in VR Experiences and VR Collaboration Sessions. "Ready Player Me" Avatars R...

Setting up your own Avatars and hands

VR Avatars

3D Avatars SimLab VR Viewer can use Avatar created from sources other than Ready Player Me, as long as they follow a certain simple criteria, which is as follows: 1- The Avatar Model must have a Joint named "Head" that controls the rotation of the Head i...

Avatar Generator

VR Avatars

SimLab Composer and SimLab VR Studio enables you to generate your own avatars by combining different faces, uniforms, headwear and glasses together. In SimLab Composer or SimLab VR Studio, go to the Interactions menu, and select "Avatar Genera...

Protecting Copyrights while delivering VR Experiences to clients

Starting your VR career with SimLab VR ...

Now that you have spent days enjoying SimLab VR Studio and have created an amazing VR experience for your client, which he is amazed by, and is ready to accept it as a delivery, the question arises : how do I deliver the requested VR Experience to my client wh...