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Buying on SimLab VR Store


Free and Paid VR 

You will find Free and Paid VR Experiences on SimLab VR Store. You can directly download and use FREE VR Experiences, however you need to purchase paid VR Experiences to be able to run them.

Acquiring VR Experiences


  • Login to your SimLab Account, or click Register if you do not have an existing account to create an account for free.


  • Browse the available catalogs and click on the VR experience you wish to purchase, then select a licensing plan and click Buy from the panel to the right.



    • To access purchased items, run SimLab VR Viewer and log into your SimLab account, then go to the Obtained Models tab where you can find purchased VR Experiences and those that were shared with you by other users.


    Buying and Adding Credits

    • The easiest method to top up your credit is to click on Buy Credit at the top Right corner to access Balance Management.


    • In the Balance Management page, move the slider to determine the amount of credit you wish to purchase, then click on Buy SimLab Store Credit. 
    • You will receive a key or multiple keys in the amount of credit you have purchased which you need to paste into the Activating Credit field, then you need to click Activate Credit Keys.