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VR Viewing

SimLab VR Studio Help VR Viewing

Using the Free SimLab VR Viewer users can view and showcase VR Experiences on all devices.SimLab VR Viewer is Free, and supports all VR experiences created using VR Studio, or other SimLab Soft products like SimLab Composer or SimLab VR Plugins. Free VR Vie...

VR Evaluation

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

VR Evaluation menu gives user access to the full VR Evaluation process which includes Creating Quizzes/SurveysDistributing VR experiences to studentsViewing Results     VR Evaluation Chapter goes through the process of creating and distributing a success...

Object Menu

SimLab Composer Help Animation Workbench

Functions in this menu assist the user in creating common object animation quickly and efficiently. Object Animation Group Capture Keyframe Creates a keyframe at the location in the timeline, for the selected object. If no object is selected a message wil...

Animation Timeline

SimLab Composer Help Animation Workbench

The timeline is a dynamic diagram that holds editable keys denoting any animation created in the scene. SimLab Composer can produce an image sequence of the animation and is able to convert the sequence to a video file that can be easily viewed externally. Ch...

VR Catalog Menu

SimLab Composer Help VR Workbench

Generate Catalog With this feature, users can insert ready models into the scene such as tables, chairs, doors, trees, and much more directly in VR Viewer without the need to go back to SimLab Composer and run the viewer again. Also, new models can be added...

360 Image Menu

SimLab Composer Help VR Workbench

What is a 360 image? A 360 or panorama image, is a special type of image that allows the user to experience being inside the image in 3D. It simulates the user being in the shoes of the photographer, who took the picture, and looking around to the left, rig...

Baking Menu

SimLab Composer Help Main Toolbar

Baking is a technology that stores lighting and shadow information within objects, and away from their materials. It means that a user can change the material and/or modify its properties even change its texture without the need to bake it again and again. ...

Render Menu

SimLab Composer Help Main Toolbar

SimLab Composer Real-Time renderer (SimLab RT) is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use real-time renderer; that has full integration with SimLab Composer. The renderer is optimally parallelized, so it can take advantage of all the CPUs available in the machine.  ...

Help Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

In this menu, the user has access to different sources of information about SimLab VR Studio. News Starting with News where a dialog will be displayed including latest news regarding the application, and it's updates. Check for Updates Check for Updates,...

VR Viewer Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

VR Viewer menu, is where the user can export 3D scenes into *.vrpackage file format, and view it in either Desktop Or VR Mode. Show in Viewer SimLab VR Viewer enables users to experience rich and interactive environments in three navigation modes:   ...

Main Toolbar

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Main tool bar in SimLab Composer is located at the top of the application, it gives the user access to the different Workbenches and their menus in SimLab Composer. File MenuMove Menu Create MenuGeometry MenuMaterial MenuScene States MenuVR Effects/Media Me...

Training Builder Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Training Builder is a visual tool that allows VR experience designer to control the logic in the VR experience without the need to write any code.Training Builder allows the user to links Event with Response(s)An Event is fired when something happens in the ex...

Interactions Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Provides users with different tools to define interactions in the VR experience.   Grabbing Group Make Grabbable Makes selected object(s) grabbable in the scene. A grabbable object is an object that can be grabbed by a controller in a VR experience or usi...

Scene States Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Capture Enables the user to capture different configurations for the selected 3D model(s) (Selection option), or for the whole scene (Scene option). The user can check the properties to include in a scene state. Scene State may include a combination of:  ...

Material Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Includes all the functions needed for material application, and materials management. Check this tutorial for more about material management. Scene Group Manage Scene Materials Scene Materials dialog includes the material functions shown in the image belo...

Geometry Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Provides the user with geometry related tools, that can be used to modify imported 3D models.  Break Group Break Geometry The smallest representation of geometry in SimLab VR Studio is 3D Geom, which is a geometry that has one transform and one material a...

Create Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Enables the user to create different scene elements that can add value to 3D scenes. Lights Lights menu includes the supported light types in SimLab VR Studio, suitable for interior scenes. Users can add any of these light sources in addition to the light ...

Move Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

Includes all Transform/Snap/Pivot Tools necessary for positioning any geometry in a 3D scene. Transform Transform functions are used for placing 3D models. Select None; will clear selection, shortcut (Esc button) Transform; displays transform axes on the...

File Menu

SimLab VR Studio Help Main Toolbar

In the File Menu the user can perform file and scene operations, including staring a new scene, save, import, export and other operations. Setting general preferences is also done here.  Scene Group New/New Protected Clears the current scene, then displ...

Simulation Toolbar

SimLab Composer Help Simulation Workbench

SimLab Composer can be used to model the behavior of objects in 3-D space. Using its powerful physics engine allows simulation of the way bodies of many types are affected by a variety of physical stimuli, provided to simulate physical systems such as Rigid ...