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Assets Library


Assets Library gives user access to 3D models to be added to the scene 

The user can add also scene Backgrounds and HDR (Environment images) 

Lighting settings gives user access to some predefined Lighting Settings, and to add IES lights to the scenes


Predefined VR Lighting settings are shown in the following image


The following image shows some of the IES lights included in SimLab Composer 


Adding an element from Asset Libraries to current scene can be done in one of two ways
1- Dragging and element from the library and dropping it on the 3D area 
2- Double clicking the element in the Asset Library

SimLab Academy

SimLab Academy the last element in the Asset Libraries in SimLab Academy, SimLab Academy includes free step by step tutorials with all models needed to follow the tutorial. 

For example to start learning VR creation, the use starts by clicking on SimLab Academy, then selecting VR 


Then select what do you want to learn like Basics 


The following video shows SimLab Academy in action