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Signing Up

To upload and share VR experiences and to pair wireless VR and mobile devices, a user needs to sign up to SimLab Cloud servers.

In addition to VR related benefits, signing up grants the user access to SimLab 3D Models, and Materials library as well as SimLab Academy, and other useful features.



To Sign up run SimLab VR Viewer and from the top right corner, click Sign in.

SLV_Sign in Button.png






From the Sign In dialog, click Sign UP.






In the Sign Up dialog, fill in the User name which will be displayed to other users. Fill in an  active email address, and a secure password made of at least 8 characters including a number, then click Sign Up.






If the Sign Up is successful a message will appear to check email address used, to confirm the registration process.




Activate Email.png


Click the Activate button in the email sent, to finish the signing up process.