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Plan and Subscription

While Logged-in in SimLab VR Viewer at the top right corner next to the avatar,  you will find 3 meters for : Size Limit, Files Count, and Number of Paired Devices.


Click The Size limit or the Files Count icons to display your SimLab Cloud Sharing Plan Details.

Plan2.pngSimLab Cloud Sharing Plan Details Dialog

Upon Signing up and activating your SimLab Account for the first time you will get 3 months of Fully functioning Trial subscription with :

  • 10 online models that you can upload and share
  • 20 GB of storage of total uploaded file size
  • 2 Paired devices that can be paired at the same time.

If you need to extend the 3 months period, or increase the number of online models, storage and the number of paired devices you need to upgrade the plan by purchasing keys and adding them to your account.

To purchase keys, click on Purchase keys Button from the SimLab Cloud Sharing Dialog, or Click here.


Once you have purchased the Keys, Click on the Add Keys button from the SimLab Cloud Sharing Dialog.


Enter the Key or the multiple Keys you have purchased in the fields then Click "Add Keys".


Once you Click Add Keys, the Plan will be upgraded right away and you will get a green indicator next to the added key denoting the success of the keys addition to your plan.