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How SimLab VR Platform helps you solve Catch 22?

If you are not familiar with Catch 22, it is a paradoxical situation similar to the following.  You apply for your first job and they ask for experience, and you wonder "How can I get any experience until I get a job that gives me experience?"

This is a common issue in VR, you get this nice opportunity for VR project that you are capable of doing, and the client asks if you can show something related to their industry to grant you the project.

That is where SimLab VR Warehouse comes to the rescue.


SimLab VR Warehouse includes a large number of ready to use (demo) VR experiences that you can open and brand, then use to get VR projects.



VR Warehouse Models licensing

3D Models and scenes included in SimLab Composer, SimLab VR Studio, or downloaded from SimLab cloud, including the ones appearing in the VR Warehouse, are protected by copyrights. These models and scenes may be utilized solely for educational purposes or as a base to generate new VR experiences to be viewed using the original SimLab VR Viewer, free of charge or commercially. However, to distribute such experiences to run on any other viewer, including a white-labeled version of SimLab VR Viewer. In that case, a signed permission from SimLab Soft is needed.