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What is SimLab VR Platform?

Other VR platforms focus on the creation, and while you spend most of the time in creation, there must be more to it than just the creation.

With SimLab VR Studio, which is the easiest VR creation tool, you can start working on it without any 3D modeling, or coding skills which allows you to create a great VR experience. However, you will need more while working on VR projects, and this is what SimLab VR platform provides. 

With SimLab VR Viewer, you will run the experience and share it too on all platforms such as a PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Quest, Pico, HTC Vive. Mixed reality… etc. 

Download the latest version of the viewer from the following link.

In addition to VR Studio (the creation tool) and VR Viewer (the player), SimLab VR Platform also offers additional components that are brilliant when needed.