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VR Game Creation for Kids (Introduction)

VR technology has its place in school, after school, and summer camp programs, the basic VR skills the students learned are the building blocks for careers in all facets of virtual reality, understanding the technology of today and technology of the future is the key to better education.

In this video, we will introduce you to the VR Studio.

VR Studio has all the tools you need for creating VR experiences, like visualizations, educational and vocational training, and even VR Games, all that without writing a line of code, educators can build virtual lessons in different fields of education with VR evaluation that utilize quizzes which measure student performance   Now VR studio is available as free  Edition, it is a fully functional version, this will make it easier to learn, this introduction is preparation for tutorial series on how to make a simple VR game for kids, this introduction is targeting the educator in the first place, who will later convey it to his students, so they can proceed to build and discover how it is easy to create their own VR experience or VR Games and share it with others. As an educator, you will find VR studio is the best choice to start implementing VR technology.

Watch this video as an Introduction to create an Interactive VR Game.