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Lesson 2 : Catching Dinosaur VR Game (Part 1)

Lesson 2
In this tutorial, we are going to walk you through the necessary steps to create your first interactive VR Game in SimLab VR Studio. The interactive VR Game we will be creating is about catching pop up dinosaurs in an arcade game , the tutorial is targeting both “ teachers and students “ , and parents and children ,so let us have fun doing VR game .

Before we begin, let us first download the 3d  scene that we will be working with in addition to the project resources . Find the Download links below the video .

Watch this Video tutorial to follow up with the steps necessary
to create an Interactive VR Game.

Click here to download the model.

Click here to download the project resources.

In this lesson, you will import a 3d environment, which consists of two science fiction style-rooms where our game will take place, then you will create a plane as a start guidance message, and a discoverable key that upon interacting with the gate the player can then progress to the second game Level. you will also add a sound action for the created interaction. the previously mentioned elements will be then implemented in the training builder to create the interactions.