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Buying on SimLab VR Warehouse


Free and Paid VR 

You will find Free and Paid VR experiences on SimLab VR Warehouse.  you can directly download and use FREE VR experiences, however you cant try or use a paid VR experience without buying it. 

Buying Credits

To buy VR experiences you need to charge your SimLab account with credits enough to buy the desired VR experiences, follow the next steps to buy and activate your credits:

  1. Go to SimLab VR warehouse credits page.
  2. Choose the desired credits option and buy it.
  3. You will receive an email containing your key(s), continue in the Activating Credits steps below to charge your credits into your account.

Activating Credits

  1. Go to SimLab VR Warehouse.
  2. Click on Manage Models.
  3. Click on Add Credits.
  4. Insert your key and click on Redeem Key

Your credit should be updated immediately.

Using Credits to Buy a VR Experience

  1. Go to SimLab VR Warehouse.
  2. Find the VR experience you want and click on BUY.
  3. Click on Buy Now.

 Now you will be able to open the model anytime.

You can also find all the purchased models under the Purchased Models tab