VR Collaboration


What is SimLab VR Collaboration?


SimLab VR Collaboration is a feature available in SimLab VR Viewer that enables multiple users to participate in a VR Experience simultaneously.



What Makes SimLab VR Collaboration Unique?


SimLab VR Collaboration takes multi-user experiences to a whole new level through multiple features, some of which are :


Uses your own 3D Models.image-1652687025032.png


Unlike most collaboration solutions available in the market where you are limited to a number of environments specified by the software itself, SimLab VR Collaboration utilizes your own 3D Model as the environment of the VR Experience which ensures that the collaboration session is fully tailored for the subject at hand.


Interactive Collaboration.image-1652688002799.png



SimLab VR Collaboration Experiences are fully interactive where the participants can interact with objects through triggering and grabbing objects and elicit responses similar to single user VR Experiences.



Online AccessOnline.png

SimLab VR Collaboration is accessible online and therefore participants can join the same VR session around the globe and do not have to be in the same vicinity.




SimLab VR Collaboration can be accessed through a Desktop Computer in Desktop Mode or a VR headset in PC VR mode and is Cross-Platform, which eliminates the restriction of hardware used by the participants.






Starting a VR Collaboration Session (Host)

The following steps will guide you to start VR collaboration sessions

  1. Open the latest version of SimLab VR Viewer on Windows or macOS.
    Artboard 47 copy 2.png

  2. Sign in into your SimLab account.
    Artboard 47.png

    If you don't have one, create a new one.

  3. Choose the the first VR experience you want to start the collaboration session with. (you can change it later)
    Artboard 47 copy.png

  4. Click on invite to open a VR Collaboration Lobby.