Setting up your own Avatars and hands

3D Avatars

SimLab VR Viewer can use Avatar created from sources other than Ready Player Me, as long as they follow a certain simple criteria, which is as follows:

1- The Avatar Model must have a Joint named "Head" that controls the rotation of the Head if you want the Avatar's head to match movement of the user's head in VR, otherwise the Avatar will be Rigid during VR Collaboration Sessions.


2- The Avatar 3D model Must be facing the Negative Y Axis in SimLab Composer or SimLab VR Studio to have the correct orientation in SimLab VR Viewer.


Once you have the 3D Avatar ready in SimLab Composer or VR Studio you can proceed with the same steps as exporting a "Ready Player Me" Avatar, Export the model by selecting export VR Catalog Item from the VR Viewer Menu, then go to the Profile Settings in SimLab VR Viewer and click the Avatar Image, then Select "Add custom Avatar" and select the VRPackage file you have exported earlier.

You can also use components that you have created as a part of the Avatar Generator.

Dynamic Hands

In addition to Avatars you can also add custom created hands with animation for trigger and grabbing,  to successfully add a dynamic hand to use in VR make sure of the following :

1- The hand needs to have a joint the controls it named "RightHand" for the right hand, and "LeftHand" for the left hand.


2- Both the Right hand and the left Hand need to be oriented in the Negative Y axis in SimLab Composer or SimLab VR Studio.