SimLab VR Platform for advanced users

Even advanced Unreal and Unity developers can use SimLab VR Platform in different ways:


Create prototypes fast: you can create a collaboration VR experience using SimLab VR Platform in few minutes, that will allow you to win projects. What is the point of being good in creating VR experiences, if you are not able to get the project in the first place. 

AnyModelX.pngGreat support of 3D/CAD: SimLab VR Studio supports large number of file formats, and it understands geometries, materials, and animations. It provides all the needed tools to convert 3D models to usable VR assets.


Support all platforms at once: leave the Headache of migrating to a new unreal engine, or supporting new hardware to SimLab team, and focus on building your own VR experience.



Be ready for the future: VR projects do grow, do not lock yourself, so when asked later for collaboration, or LMS integration you will start thinking of finding a new solution. SimLab VR Platform has been in development for over 15 years and tested to deliver many great VR projects. 



Use SimLab VR Optimization tools: to run VR experiences on low end devices like iOS, Android, Quest, and Pico you need to do different optimization techniques, SimLab created optimization tools ready to be executed in few clicks, check SimLab VR optimization tools here

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