VR Viewer Menu

VR Viewer menu, is where the user can export 3D scenes into *.vrpackage file format, and view it in either Desktop Or VR Mode.


Show in Viewer

SimLab VR Viewer enables users to experience rich and interactive environments in three navigation modes:



Texture Optimization 

More information about Textures Optimization can be found here


Optimize Package: Optimize package merges all objects sharing the same material into one object, which in turn speeds up the experience and smoothest it significantly, specially when the model has large number of objects. Optimize package will affect static objects only, so if you have objects that has animation, scene states or are part of any interaction they will be excluded from the process and any interactions in VR will occur without any problems. 
VR Viewer Only: When checked, the exported VR package can not be imported by SimLab Composer
Enable VR Menu: The experience designer can control what the user running the VR experience will be able to view, or how the user can interact with the scene in the VR Viewer 


Open Viewer 

Opens the stand alone VR Viewer, viewer can be then used to open a VR package, or to share a VR package with others. 

Stet Start Position

Loads the Viewer Start model, clicking on any place in the scene after clicking Set Start Position will snap Viewer Start model to the picked location. Viewer Start model defines the start place for the VR experience viewer and the orientation the experience will start at. 


If Viewer Start model was already added to the scene, no new model will be added and the user can directly click to snap the Viewer Start model.

Users starting VR experience without calling Set Start Position will automatically have Viewer Start model added to the scene and will be able to set its location in the scene.

Viewer Start model can be used in Training Builder, for example Viewer Start model is used in Node Entered Node Event, in Training Builder diagram, to turn lights on, when VR experience user enters a room.


Create VR Camera

Create VR Camera adds new VR Camera to the scene. The user should place camera and set its orientation, currently selected VR Camera appears in wire frame mode.