VR Effects / Media Menu

This menu allows the user to add visual effects and dynamic elements to the VR experience .

It is organized in the following groups:




Particles Group

Includes the below visual effects supported in SimLab VR Studio:
Create Fire
Create Smoke
Create Spark 
Create Shower
Create Wire/Rope

Create Fire and Smoke

Enables the user to add fire effect to the scene, this can be a large trailing fire, a stove, or a candle.
Fire effect automatically includes smoke option to be shown with the fire. If the user wants Smoke alone without fire, then Create Smoke can be used.

The following tutorial shows the process of creating fire and smoke in VR studio 

Create Spark 

Spark effect can be used to show electrical sparks, or welding effect. The following tutorial shows, how to create Spark effect in VR studio 

Create Shower

For creating moving water or liquid effect in SimLab VR Studio, this can be done using shower effect. It allows the user to control color, speed and strength of water flow. The following tutorial shows the process of creating Shower effect in VR studio 

Create Wire/Rope

Creates connecting wires in the scene, like connecting the soldering kit shown below with its electric plug.