Scene States Library

Scene States enable the user to capture different configurations for the selected 3D model(s), or for the whole scene.


To view what is selected in the scene state, make sure nothing is selected in the scene, then click on a scene state in the Scene State Library 

Properties Panel update will allow the user to change what to effect in the Scene State, it also allows the user to change the group of the Scene State







Scene State Library, includes small tool buttons on the left side, allowing the user to:

1- Open the Capture Scene State Dialog
2- Regenerate Scene State Images
3- Delete Active Scene State
4- Delete all Scene Sates 


Scene State Groups

Scene State Groups are very similar to Sequence Groups Library, they can be used to organize Scene States, a new group can be added by clicking on the + button next to group tabs, to rename Scene State Group the user needs to double click on its tab label as shown below


When deleting a Scene State Group the user will get the option to delete Scene States in the group or to move them to the Default group

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