Quick Access Toolbar

When 3D geometry is selected in the 3D area, the Quick Access Toolbar will appear, with a set of handy functions, Quick Access Toolbar will appear close to the selected geometry. 

quick_access.pngThis options include
Translate : to show draggers needed to move the object
Snap to Object : to allowing the user to snap a selected object to another.
Copy : to create a new copy of the selected geometry
Value Input: allows the user to enter exact values for translation or rotation
Material: opens Material Finish options


Move selection Up/Down: it allows moving up or down in the Scene Browser based on selection, going up means selecting the Parent, moving down means selecting a child, this makes it very easy to select and move a specific part or assembly

quick_access_material.pngMaterial Finish options: it makes it easy to change material finish to another type, for example you can set it to Plastic, Metal, or Glass

Note: From preferences the user can select to turn on/off appearance of Quick Access Toolbar

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