Properties Panel

When selecting an object or entity in the scene the Properties Panel appears in the right side of the application showing its properties.

Objects are shown in the Scene Browser, they are part of the model tree is the Scene Browser. An object can be selected by clicking on it in the 3D Area or by selecting it from the Scene Browser.

Properties Panel, may have two tabs or more depending on the object type.

When selecting a part of an assembly object (not the end leaf in the tree) Properties Panel usually shows two tabs as shown in the following image 


those tabs are Object Tab, and Transform Tab

Object Tab

Object Tab includes functionality that can be applied to any object in the scene. This includes: Copy Object, Create Instance, Isolate, Hide/Show, Freeze/Unfreeze, in addition to changing the name of an object.

The described functionality is available in the top of the Object Tab 

Object Actions

Object Tab also includes Object Actions, which is a simple way of defining what to do if the user clicks on the object in the VR experience. 


Object Actions can be one of the following 

1- Open URL
2- Play/Stop Animation
3- Multi Action (you can ask multiple actions to be executed when object is clicked)
4- Apply Scene State
5- Play Sound (thought it is better to use SimLab Composer Sound object)
6- Play Sequence
7- Show Message Box
8- Video Action
9- Load Scene 
10- Import Model 

Attributes Panel

Attributes Panel shows attributes applied on the object. Attributes can be imported when importing the 3D model, or created using Attribute Panel or the Attribute Manager (which is accessible in the Scene Browser) 


The following tutorial shows how the user can utilize attributes in VR experiences

Transform Tab allows the user to view/modify local and global location, orientation and scale of the object and its pivot. 


Extra Tabs

Based on the object type, an additional tab may be added to the Properties Panel, for example if user selected a leaf object (3D object) the Material Properties tab is added, as shown in the following image


The following tutorial borrowed from SimLab Composer shows how to use the Material Properties

Effects like VR Fire, VR Smoke, VR Shows, VR Video, VR Sound and others will add an additional VR or VR properties tab, allowing the user to set specific properties of the selected object, the following image shows the new VR Video property tab added when selecting a VR Video 


Entity Panel 

When the user clicks ESC (to make sure no object is selected) the user can go to the library and click on a sequence, a scene start or a key in the animation time line to view its properties in the Properties Panel

Sequence Properties


Scene State Properties 


Key Frame Properties 


Environment Properties

By clicking on Environment (always the top element in Object Browser) , the Properties Panel will the Environment Properties 

Environment properties include the following tabs



This tab allows the user to select the environment image used to light the scene, also it allows user to control its power, orientation and brightness.