Getting started with VR Evaluation

To create VR experience including evaluation you need to be part of an organization, which you can be invited to by any admin of the organization (each organization can have one or more admins), or you can create an organization using SimLab Admin

SimLab Admin, allows the admin to define and manage Admins / Teachers 

For creating lessons and distributing them to students, the user needs to be an admin or teacher in the organization
Admin has the extra ability of adding and managing other users. 

The following tutorial shows the process of creating an organization using SimLab Admin, and adding new admins and teachers,

In addition to creating organizations and defining users SimLab Admin allows the creation of Groups and Courses.

Group is a collection of courses that makes it easy to find them. Educational institutes can for example create groups Like Summer 2023

A Course is a collection of lessons that serves a purpose, it can be something like Math 101, or Safety introduction.

When a lesson is created it should be added to a Course, which is a part of a Group.

When a creating an organization a default Group and Course are added, which can be renamed. Other Groups and Courses can be added also.


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