Common Toolbar


Common Toolbar is located in the lower part of the 3D Area on top of the Library, it is always accessible to the user and it includes the following

Select Object

The Default Pick mode in SimLab Composer returns the location and the normal direction at the selection point. The geometry at the picked location will be selected in the Object Tree, and its bounding box will be displayed in the 3D area.


To get more precious picking the user can change selection to 
Center of Curvature: To select center of a circle or arc
Edge Loop: To select center of a closed loop, like center of one of the faces of a cube
Edge End Point: To select the closest end of an edge

Window Configuration

By default the user views 1 view in the 3D Area, which covers all available space, this configuration allows the user to switch to 2 or 4 views. Different views can help the user better arrange elements in the scene 


The following image shows switching Window Configuration to 4 views