Simulation Trees

There are three kinds of tree views in the Simulation Workspace: 

GeometriesTree.jpg Solids Tree.jpg Links Tree.jpg

Geometries and Solids Trees

Both Trees show a hierarchical outline view of geometries and solids existing in the scene. Each geometry/solid branch or node can have a number of subitems, this is often visualized by an indentation in a list. A geometry/solid can be expanded to reveal subitems, if any exist, and collapsed to hide subitems. Geometries/Solids Trees allow the user to easily manage and navigate objects in them.

In the image below, the Geometries Tree is shown located at the left side of the application window, and the Solids Tree is at the right. Both trees will appear when the Solid Editing dialog is open. Solids are included in the simulation calculations, while geometries are not. Using the functions in the Solid Editing dialog, a user can transfer objects from one tree to the other.