Pre/Post Question Events

Training Builder is needed to determine when to start a Quiz or Survey in the scene. Starting a Quiz and Survey can take place after the student learned new material, or even at the start of the scene if this is simply a Quiz VR experience.

This is not the only place you need to make Quiz or Survey utilize the Training Builder. For a special question, you may need to arrange the scene in a specific way or make sure the student looks in a specific direction, for those situations you can use Pre/Post Question Events.

This is done by clicking on the Pro/Post Question Even button on Quiz/Survey dialog 


If this is the first time the Pro/Post Questing Event button is clicked a new event is added to the Training Builder as shown in the following image 


This can be even used to execute all preparations needed for the question.
If it was clicked before it will open Training Builder and focus on the Pre-Question Event so the user can check it, or update it.

Post Question Events work in the same way, the only difference is that they are called when the user ends the question, so they are usually used to restore the state of the scene if needed.

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