Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Shortcut
Create New Scene [Ctrl] + [N]
Open Scene [Ctrl] + [O]
Save Scene [Ctrl] + [S]
Pack The Scene [Ctrl] + [P]
Import Geometry [Ctrl] + [I]
Export [Ctrl] + [E]
Exit [Ctrl] + [Q]
Undo [Ctrl] + [Z]
Redo [Ctrl] + [Y]
Make Instance [Ctrl] + [T]
Duplicate Selection [Ctrl] + [C]
Show Scene Materials [Ctrl] + [M]
Capture Camera Key Frame [Ctrl] + [K]
Capture Scene State [Ctrl] + [D]
Geometrical Info [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [I]
Real-Time View F4
Render to File F5
Select Esc
Show/Hide Quick Access Toolbar 1
Transform 3D 2
Global Transform 3
Show Pivot 4
Dynamic Snap 5
Change World Center C
Capture (Scene State) From Selection  D
Freeze/UnFreeze F
Snap To Ground G
Hide H
Isolate I
Snap To Object N
Camera Pan P
Show S
Set Camera Target Into Selected Geometry Center V
Delete Del
Top View [Ctrl] + 1
Bottom View [Ctrl] + 2
Front View [Ctrl] + 3
Back View [Ctrl] + 4
Right View [Ctrl] + 5
Left View [Ctrl] + 6
Default View [Ctrl] + 7
Fit All [Ctrl] + [F]
Zoom To Object [Ctrl] + [J]
Go To First Frame Home
Play/Stop Animation Space Bar
Go To the Last Frame End
Move 10 Frames Forward Page Up
Move 10 Frames Backward Page Down
Rubber Band Selection Alt
Xray View Alt + 1
Edges Only View Alt + 2
Solid Illustration View Alt + 3
Solid View Alt + 4
Append To Current Selection Alt + Ctrl
Remove From the Current Selection Alt + Shift

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