Help Menu

In this menu, the user has access to different sources of information about SimLab Composer.



Starting with News where a dialog will be displayed including the latest news regarding the application, and it's updates.

Check for Updates

Check for Updates, as the name implies, will display the dialog with the latest releases of the application.


License displays the Registration dialog, where the user can request start free personal license, request a trial license, or activate a professional license. More information about the Composer licensing process can be found here 


Cloud License 


Cloud license option allows the user to do the following:

Note: Professional software key received when ordering a license of Composer is also a valid Cloud Key, so the user can use it to activate the Cloud Account. All the user needs to do is register a Cloud account and then add the key.


This option provides users with a list of helpful links available for SimLab Composer. Including a link to this help document, and a link for more information about SimLab VR Viewer.



Learn option directs users to learning resources for SimLab Composer.


SimLab Academy displays SimLab Academy in the SimLab Composer library, More information about SimLab Academy can be found here.

SimLab YouTube Channel directs the user to the corresponding site.



The support menu allows the user to do the following:

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