Assets Library

The libraries tab has assets categorized into groups: 3D Models, 3D Scenes, Sketchfab, VR Warehouse, Backgrounds, Scripts, HDR, Lighting Settings, Sounds, and SimLab Academy.


3D Models

The 3D Models category provides the user with stock 3D models to compose scenes out of them.


3D Scenes

The 3D Scenes category contains complete environments to be used for desktop and VR experiences.



The Sketchfab library allows users to display 3D, VR, and AR content from the Sketchfab platform website right in-app without the need for an Internet browser. The user is allowed to browse, review, and instantly download public models into an open scene.


VR Warehouse

The VR Warehouse is the market where to publish, sell, and buy VR experiences. Go to the VR Warehouse section for more information.


The Backgrounds category consists of image and spherical backgrounds.


The Scripts category is where the user finds ready-to-run Python scripts that automate certain tasks in SimLab Composer.


The HDR (High Dynamic Range) category has various options to select from.


Lighting Settings

The Lighting Settings category provides lighting presets for rendering, VR, sun, and IES.