Accompanying Applications

SimLab CADVRter

It's a standalone tool included with SimLab Composer Mechanical and Ultimate Editions. It is an application created to convert any supported file format individually (single file at a time) or collectively (multiple files at a time) to any supported file format in one shot, besides its ability to convert most CAD files to VR-ready walk-throughs possible to be exhibited on regular monitors and VR headsets.
SimLab CADVRter comes by default with SimLab Composer, where the user can have it installed after the installation process of SimLab Composer is completed. The user can access the application from the desktop shortcut created by the installer of SimLab Composer, or alternatively from the installation directory of SimLab Composer, where it can be usually found in the following directory path:
 C:\Program Files\SimLab\SimLab Composer 10\SimLabCADConverter.exe
To learn more about this tool visit this page.

SimLab WebGL Starter

To learn more about this tool visit this page, and for running WebGL locally refer to this article.


This tool is used for evaluating/surveying users in quizzes/surveys. Clicking Administrator from the VR Evaluation menu will open the Login dialog below.  


To have access to the evaluation tool the user needs to be part of an organization, creating an organization and managing users in an organization is done through SimLab Admin, from under the VR Evaluation menu.

After logging in with a registered email address and password the Create Organization dialog below will appear to enter the name of the organization.

To learn more about how to set up and manage an organization check this tutorial