CAD/VR to Quest

Learn all the techniques for creating and sharing VR into the Oculus Quest



In this book we are going to learn all the techniques for sharing 3D/CAD models to Oculus Quest and creating interactive VR experiences for it.

There are several ways to create and share your own VR Experiences for the Oculus Quest

Artboard 7 copy 4.pngTransfer any 3D/CAD model to Oculus Quest

This method is fast, reliable, and super easy for sharing models from different file formats to Oculus Quest, We will use SimLab VR Studio to read any 3D/CAD model and in few clicks it can be viewed on Oculus Quest.

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Artboard 7 copy.pngCreate interactive VR experiences for Oculus Quest

Create all types of 3D VR experiences without any coding. create VR visualization, interactive VR experiences, VR training series and much more..

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Artboard 7 copy 2.pngShare models directly from SketchUp into Oculus Quest

One click to share any SketchUp scene into the Oculus Quest directly.

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Artboard 7 copy 3.pngShare models directly from Rhino into Oculus Quest

One click to share any Rhino scene into the Oculus Quest directly.

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Artboard 9 copy.pngShare Your VR Experiences with others

You can use SimLab VR Viewer to share your scenes with your colleagues, clients, and others

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Artboard 9 copy 2.pngEnhance the Quality of Your VR Experiences

Different settings and features are available to enhance the quality and the performance of your VR experiences.

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Transfer Your 3D/CAD into Oculus Quest


If you have a 3D model, a 3D scene, or a CAD design and want to run it and examine it on VR, you can easily transfer it and run it on Oculus Quest using SimLab Soft technology.

Follow these steps to transfer any 3D file you have to your Oculus Quest:

The 3D model used in this example can be found here. Download Link

First: Go to your desktop (windows or macOS).

1- Download and Install SimLab VR Studio, then open it.

Introduction empty.png

2- Drag and drop your 3D/CAD model(s) into the scene.

You can import pretty much all industry standards 3D/CAD file formats, check the full supported file formats list here

Introduction copy 11.png

3- Define the starting position of the VR experience.

The start position defines the location where the viewer is going to start the experience. you can locate it where ever you want.